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About WavingtomyFriends:

“Waving to my Friends” is a safety app to tell friends where I am at, right now. A text message containing the current location is sent to designated peoples with a single tap of app icon (button). That is location is disclosed by the app user, NOT tracked by someone else.

To install the app, follow the standard Google Play installation steps. The white/orange icon (button) in the "Apps" list of the phone indicates that the app is properly installed (see snapshot 1).

Upon installation, the user is prompted to allow the "Waving to my Friends" app to access pre-installed components such as the “Contacts” or “Messages” (see snapshot 2).
Note1: Four (4) permissions are required: READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE, READ_LOCATION and SEND_SMS.

Once permissions are allowed, the "Waving to my Friends" prompts the user to enter the phone number of a primary contact(s), see snapshot 3. The primary phone number must be a 10 digit cell phone number:

For example: 3121990001
or two numbers on the same line:
3121990001 3121990002.

The entered phone number is saved in the phone “Contacts” list as shown in snapshot 4, with a “A4H_” prefix (red circled).
Additional contacts can be added directly to the “Contacts” list, with a “A4H_” prefix (yellow circled in snapshot 4).

Description of app operation:

Once the icon is tapped, the app determines if a public place (e.g. store, restaurant, etc.) corresponds to where the user is currently located and if so, a text message (i.e. SMS) with the place name & address is sent to all pre-selected contacts (snapshot5).
Alternatively, if a private place (e.g. house) corresponds to where the user is currently located, the app starts reading the location directly, as shown by the “Progress bar” and upon completion, sends to the primary contact(s) a text message with up to date location of the user, as shown in snapshot 6. A follow-up (second) text message contains the link to a map, in addition to the street address sent.

Upon receiving the messages, the contact person(s)/friend can call back the initiating phone, additional contacts/help or simply note the information (“as expected”).

Notes and clarifications:
1) The app is designed to provide a simple, efficient and an inexpensive solution installed directly on the mobile phone, without additional components or third-party contracts.
2) This app is designed and verified for Android phones ONLY (no Tablets or Wear or Apple support).
3) The app was developed for Android 4.4 – 7 (APIs 19-25); View your device version with an “About device” menu in “Settings”.
4) The phone must have a “Location” feature turned ON.
5) The total number of “A4H_” contacts must not exceed 3 in this version, to avoid excessive texting.
6) The address and the map are close approximations, as supported by the current GPS technology. In other words, if you draw a circle centered at this location and with a radius equal to the accuracy shown in the text message, then there is a 68% probability that the true location is inside the circle.
7) To show a map view, in addition to the address, the map link provided in the second text message must be pressed/tapped, and an independent map app such as “Maps” must be active.
8) Quality Assurance: this app has been tested in the google cloud lab with variety of production devices and test driven with an active mobile phone in Chicago, IL area.
9) For issues and questions send an email to the contact listed below, describe messages displayed on the phone screen and other relevant conditions.

Thinkable issues & resolutions:
a. Verify that a location feature is turned ON in the phone.
b. After tapping the app icon (button) the phone screen shows messages such as “no contacts” or “too many contacts” >>> Verify contacts are setup as illustrated in the snapshot #3.

Issues or questions: Submit a contact form in
Describe messages displayed on the phone screen and/or other relevant conditions.


• Production release 2


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