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Size: no data Title: Twisted Blockz cheats from visitors Device: Android
Author: The Mascoteers File Name: com.themascoteers.twistedblockz Category: Arcade
Added Version: 1.1.4 Content Rating: Everyone Game type: Apk


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About Twisted Blockz:

Haven’t had real fun in the gamer’s world for a while? Are you a daring 6-pack-mind gamer searching for addictive and twisted challenges to light you up? Let's tune up the fun. Your search ends here!

The Twisted Blockz is just the zone for you. Fast reflexes. Heart beat pounding. And balance for survival is what we're about. Speed will be your ally as all the roads come crashing against you. Space ball, dunk ball, and dodge ball bouncing side to side with obstacles popping all around you. Can you handle that? Master the twists and tap with skills through your reflex and fast-time action. And a thin line will be the mark of your survival. Gear up for what’s coming…

The rolling ball goes on and on. Sideways. Up. Down. What direction’s next? Pass through the sickest hurdles – if you’re good enough and go straight up in levels. Better watch the screen closely or you might fall out of the sky. Difficulty? Check. Insane tons of twists? Check. Best tuning and upgrades on android? Check. Tap your screen right now. Get the Twisted Blockz and see for yourself!

This jump ball game right here sharpens your dodging skills and is a space ball convention game. Every action or movement will be on the spot, else you fall off in the twists. Let the rush take over you as the ball movement goes lateral, hops, falls, bounce wide, jumps out of control and dodge the star-like shuriken or objects that’ll stop your winning tracks. No one wants to lose and start over, so pour on some creativity and focus into your dodging skills as you tap and roll through the screen. Have what it takes? Let’s find out on Twist Blockz. To get started is superfast, easy and fun. All you’ll need to do is download and launch the Twisted Blockz app. Tap, roll, twist the bouncing ball through the screen and draw out those emotions.

The Blockz game is built with challenging modes that unlock as you tap skillful, roll faster, jump higher and beat the odds. Let’s see why:

Game with the Twisted Blockz. Leap through gravity, switch through hoops and jump your way out of doom. This is what all dunkers and classic gamers have been waiting for. There will be no mercy in this space hop phenomena, only whatever it takes. So, don’t fall out so or you lose. Even the elite gamers step into danger, get brutal crashes on speed, break through walls to level up, watch the counts, stack up crazy combo points, keep score on what’s real and conquer the first dare. Let’s see you do that.

The Twisted Blockz comes well equipped with the adventures from the rainbow wheels of danger, rotating and rolling through spikes. Tap that screen to get in now and be the first to beat the twisted wave.

See you on the other side of the real gamers. DOWNLOAD this app and have the experience of a lifetime.

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