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About Lovely Kids – Album, Voice & Vocabulary:

Lovely Kids – Album, Voice & Vocabulary – sensational app which let you to store memorable things about your kids in one place. You can create vocabulary of the mispronounced funny words and record them as audio, sort our pics of your kids in the albums and more.

Note: App does not require any registration, sign-in and synchronisation.
All data stored offline on your device.

If you have kids you definitely should hear a lot of funny misspelled words from them which made you laughed and unbelievable happy. It is no exaggeration to say that that is the most memorable moments in the life of every parents… Life is way too complicated thing to remember all of the good things which disappearing very quick. About 80-90% of the funny mispronounced words will be forgotten and washed out from your memory during next ten years. "Vocabulary" section of this app will help you to save memorable misspelt words of your adorable kid. We've never seen this before in mobile apps, that's why decided to invent this for us – loving parents.

Can I ask you please: do you remember the voice of your kid? Sure you do!
But will you remember the current voice of your little kid when your kid grown up? It's sad to say, but answer is: NO. When we growing up our kids – our mind adopts to current changes and such things as voice or face are flushing out from our memory with the passage of the time. No grass grows under your feet. Run "Lovely Kids – Album, Voice & Vocabulary" and record funny laughs, nursery rhymes, misspelled words. Stick your text note to the record if you want, and store it as one of the most precious treasure of your family.

Sort out tons of pictures and videos of your kids with this app. Let them be sorted by age of your child or by activity type. No matter how many you have. Write your feedbacks, suggest features what you would like to see in gallery.

We are open to talk, always: [email protected]

Pack them up!
Create ZIP archive with carefully sorted pictures, videos, records and vocabulary. Easily, with just one click. Now you can share it with your family, move it to your flash USB stick or on your PC.

Any good rating or feedback always be appreciated!


• Meet our new app, please rate and review our app. Tell us what you would like to see in this app.


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