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About GPS Speedometer – Offline Speed meter with HUD:

GPS Speedometer is one more speedometer app that uses your GPS to get the most accurate speed results. It has following features.
All types of Speedometers (Analog & Digital)
Digital Speedometer with HUD (head up display)
GPS Speedometer with Map and Navigation
Over-Speeding Warning and Speed Camera Alert
Live heading
Estimate Time Arrival to reach your destination.
Temperature of your current location.

Now-a-days travelling is incorporated in our daily lives just like other routine tasks. Most people can’t remember routes and locations. They also sometimes do over speeding while clearly thinking about something else. If this is your case scenario then it’s okay! No need to worry from now onwards because accurate gps and speedometer free app is your companion on journeys. This accurate speed limit app assists you in having a note of your speed limit in analogue and digital form. Not only your speed limit assistant this app is your most accurate GPS speedometer app.

Want to see how much you have travelled and your car’s speedometer’s not serving the purpose? No worries! This car speed tracker also shows your accurate travelled distance in kilometers. So get your best speedometer free app by clicking on install button of Accurate GPS and speedometer free app.

Unlike your manual speed meter, this car speedometer with heads up display also shows you your speed limit in digital form by acting as digital speedometer. You can start monitoring your speed limit and distance covered by clicking on start button of speedometer app when you begin your journey. If you have a stay during journey you can pause the timer. On reaching your destination you can stop the timer. Your most accurate speedometer and odometer companion tell you speed in Kmph, mph and knot form.

Journeys are a part of life. You must have a clear vision and direction in order to arrive at the destination. Similar is the case with everyday travel and tours! But if you have a problem regarding remembering routes and locations then relax! Accurate GPS and speedometer free app allows you to have navigation directions through map along with speedometer. Through gps speedometer digital you can check your locations at any instant during journey.

Bikers sometimes ride at very high speeds. This could be dangerous. Bikers need to have a knowledge that in this traffic riding bike on which speed would be best so it also act as bike speed tracking app. Not only for cars and bikes this gps speedometer offline also act as digital speedometer for train. Another distinguishing feature of gps speed meter is “warning alarm”. You can turn it on by clicking on it and then it will track your speed and give alarms when speed exceeds a certain limit.

Features of Accurate GPS and Speedometer Free App
 Regarded as best speedometer app for free.
 Suggested as best speedometer with head up display.
 Along with analogue display it is best regarded digital speedometer app.
 In addition to car speed test it as works as gps odometer for car.
 Not only for cars also act as bikes gps speedometer free.
 Most accurate speedometer showing output in analogue and digital displays.
 Measure car speed and velocity in kmph and mph.
 In demand gps speedometer odometer having start, stop and pause functionalities.
 Shows calculated distance covered in addition to measure my speed feature with speedview.
 Digital speedometer offline having distinguishing “Over-speed warning alarm” feature.
 Excellent user interface specially with Digi HUD Speedometer for car.

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