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About Ear Spy Pro:

Ear Spy Pro is an app that make you to have super hear booster, this new app in 2019 allows you to hear better with your ear using headphones, this app will be a good solution if you have hearing troubles or if someone forget his hearing assist, just plug in your headsets and start listening the world better.

Ear Spy Pro app , super Hearing app, super hearing or deep hearing app can allow you to hear more better anything with a long distance. just plug in your headsets and start listening better.

Amazing app just like a super hearing, Hearing Amplifier give you an audio amplifier or sound amplifier to make you hear better than your normal ear, and with that tool will improve what you hearing.

this app have setting to for deep hearing or filters equalizers : Ear Spy Super Ear the sound amplifier app will give you super hearing and improve what you hear around your place, your work.

This app is similar of a hearing aid or like a ear helper amplifies, this app take the sound from the microphone of the phone to your headphones that necessary to make Ear Spy Super Ear : hearing amplifier works and to give you powerful hearing.

You listen to people talk about you in the other room depending on how good is your phone.
You can use it for ghost hunt to hear a sound like walking.

Enter the app an click the red button and start listening to conversations

✔ Simple listening device.
✔ High quality sound.
✔ Super microphone with high fidelity system.
✔ A good Amplifier.
✔ Works in background.
✔ It is good for having fun
✔ Adjust Volume using seekbar
✔ Extended Equalizer with 10 bands:
• Normal
• Classical
• Dance
• Flat
• Folk
• Heavy Metal
• Hip Hop
• Jazz
• Pop
• Rock

✔ No Ads
✔ Pro Mic widget
✔ Recording

Q & A:

Q.Does Ear Spy Pro support recording ?
A.Yes, the app support recording with high quality.

Q.Can i use the app as a hearing aid ?
A.Definitely no, the app is created for fun and it's a tool to transmit sound from mic to speacker,
we're not responsible for any misuse of the app.

Q.Can i use it to watch TV ?
A.Of course, Whether you want to listen to nature, have a conversation,
or just hear the TV better.

Q.Does it work if i used Bluetooth headsets ?
A.Using Bluetooth headset brings additional delay to sound transmission and Possible echoing can appear
We cannot guarantee that the quality of the application functioning with a Bluetooth headset will be
comparable to the quality of the application functioning with a wired headset due to specific features of Bluetooth standard.

Earphones are required, and failure to use headphones will result in awful audio feedback. You have been warned!


We do not accept using Ear Spy Pro to spy or to break laws or interlude on private conversations.
Please use Ear Spy Pro on your responsibility.

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