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About Dragon Knight :3D MMORPG Origin Online Game:

Get ready for the full origin mobile game 3D EPIC MMORPG experience!
Your Online Game will never be the same!
Experience an exciting ( MMORPG) -Origin that lets you embark on an epic Wonderfull journey.
Level up Your Character with this great Multiplayer Game. the most powerfull warrior of the Continent MMORPG.

– Free diamond in your first login, is a wonderfull gift and notice a not pay to win game with us
– Free wings customize your character with defferent wings effect and style
– Open World Origin Online Game Experience, Walk in the map, Find Items, And PvP With Players
– Daily Event, As A Gamer You Will Never get bored, in classic origin ,we have daily event to keep you busy and online
– Very Addictive Online Origin Game of the century, comes with a unique Unity 3d Engine
– Choose and customize from Five different classes: Warrior, Wizard, Elf, Duel Master, And New Class Summoner.
– Dressup and Equip your hero with powerful gears and Cool Fashion Wings to make yourself The Strongest.
– Upgrade their abilities and witness the dazzling Effect of each hero’s Ability skills.
– Powers are endless! Become The strongest Warrior in the continent of origin !
– Continue Your Journey through an exciting "mmorpg" open world and complete epic daily quests.
– Gather a 5 team parties and explore unique dungeons to defeat world bosses!
– Hunt Diamonds in a monster that you'll never experience before!
– Exchange in real time through Trading and Auction System.
– Clash with rivals in PvP battles and become the King of continent!

Classic Legend of origin
Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
-Hunt items everyday! and Trade with other players or you can sell all the items you don’t need or extra equipments you obtained from Defeating bosses or other quests.

1. Warrior
Passive Buff: HP Boost
Warrior has a great balancing between hunting, PK, and boss raids. Some can say it is not superior in any of those three.
However, the Dark Knight gets stronger and stronger every time is rebirths or changes equipments to an upper tier.
With two swords in each hand, the mighty Dark Knight will have an outstanding damage and defense.
The passive buff skill is an HP boost which boosts the total HP to you and your party members.

2. Wizard
Passive Buff: Damage absorbing Shield
Wizard has a specialty in hunting with their wide-range skills which has a splendid effect compared to other classes.
Because of the wide-range skills, the damage will seem smaller when you are attacking only one target.
But you can save a lot of time clearing quests and be more faster, making you stronger in the early game stage.
The passive buff skill is making a barrier that absorbs attacked damage for you and your party members.

3. Archer
Passive Buff: ATK and DEF boost
Archer is female class, and has specified on attacking a single target.
You might feel clearing quests and hunting in a field very slow since most of Elf's skills are single-targeted.
However that also means that the Elf can be great in boss raids and PK.
The passive buff skill is boosting the attack and defense of you and your party members.

4. Duel Master
The Duel Master is a combination of the Warrior and Wizard, You Can Choose between Wizard type and Warrior Type

5. Summonner
– Summoner can be created if you have at least one character above 3 Rebirth
– The character is equipped with Tier 5 equipment upon creation.
– The Summoner summons the Valkyrie during battle and deals magical damage.
– The Summoner's stats are automatically distributed in the same manner as those of the Dark wizard.
This can be changed through [Stat > Reset]. (Resetting the stats for over 3 Rebirth Lv. 1 costs 100 Unbound Diamonds.)

==Official Information==
"CLASSIC ORIGIN" Fan Page: https://web.facebook.com/classicgameorigin/
"CLASSIC ORIGIN" Customer Service Email: [email protected]

== Device requirements==
Operating System: 4.0 version or above, consist of invidual GPU

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