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About Cuphead Battle : Cagney Carnation:

This is new cuphead featuring the ‘Cagney Carnation’ boss fight , require hundreds of hits to die, but you’ll expire in just a few . Cuphead mugman is tough, but it is also generous in how much say players are given in how they’ll fare. The game provides many options for customizing your playstyle. And customize your weapons as well . featuring many weapons like ‘peashot’ , ‘spread’ and more .

! If you're looking for a game that will challenge you ! !, this will be the best choice for you …so get it .Explore this boss fight and try to beat it !

The controls on this game might seems a little bit hard to get used to , but we recommend for players to get the ‘AutoShoot’ item first . it will help you having more control over cuphead , and all you have to worry about is jumping and dodging the boss attacks .

Features of Super cuphead and mugman Escape Jungle:
+ cuphead ps4 Incredibly good and addictive game
+ Well-designed levels
+ Wonderful high resolution graphics with details
+ Enhanced physics, climate effects
+ Simple and intuitive controls, fantastical smooth, easy moves
+ Abilities: jump, peanuts shoot, power stomp, open doors with key
+ cuphead ps4 Intelligent enemies
+ Unique game, saga series

cuphead and mugman features an awesome hand-drawn graphic style , that will remind you of the early cartoon and also the delightful animations as well .

Enjoy playing the adventure with chronicles.


• Press right arrow to move forward.
• Press left arrow to move backward.
• Ton of boss battles
• Suitable for all ages
• 2.5D plateformer game.
• press up button to jump.
• Collect coins: Collect more coins as you can to exchange props. Jump and somersault to obtain more coins.
• Challenge your friends
• More than 50 levels.

You will have fun with this Free Game, Enjoy


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