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The Home screen widget allows you to quickly change your video source without having to open the application, contact the usb contact.
HD cable connector for Android phone and tablet on TV, you can connect the phone to the TV screen using usb hdmi cable, hdmicable, hdmi-splatter, usb cable, vga cable, mhl connector or usb otg . connect TV as your phone's second screen with an MHL adapter and USB HDMI cable and enjoy your screen on an HDTV
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Compatible with 2 and 4-way switches

—— ——- hdmioutput
— USB Chopper
USB device
— Load the required modules automatically!
— usb contact
— Automatically download USB device drivers plug-in
— hdmi software for Androi
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— Automatic launch of the application on the HDMI hub device to connect!

— Automatic montage on TV and watch a football match and movie!

— Notification when led dvi to hdmi mounted !!

— Automatically open the player mounted on the hdmi switch. 10 The media scanner is triggered during editing.

— hopomatically download the USB device drivers plug in

— USB adapter for easy USB support

— hdmi software for android

— usb contact

Phone connector to USB TV and HDMI / OTG / MHL / MIRROR SCREEN for Android phone on TV, it's a USB, HDMI software for Android hdmi connector, as well as to connect an Android tablet with a hdmi input .
If your Android tablet does not have HDMI output, you can connect the mhl adapter to the HDMI splitter or the HDTV to HDMI cable to the HDMI output of the TV, HDMI adapter software for Android, USB support, USB cable. dvi, USB cleaver.
HDMI for Android phone on TV and mhl HDMI app connector on TV to be a second screen for your phone by a mhl adapter, a USB touch, a USB cleaver, and a USB USB ouput USB cable and allows you to enjoy your connext HDMI Android smartphone screen on 4K HDTV. usb carrier
automatically download USB device drivers plug in.
If your tablet does not have HDMI output, you can connect an HDMI cable to a USB cable, USB to HDMI, HDMI to VGA, HDMI to MHL, VGA to HDMI cable, Android HDMI splitter and this Android connector software for Android devices .
chopper usb, usb contact.

***** as well as card readers for your phone or tablet. All you need to do is connect the flash drive to a mhl connector and a hdmi cable, then plug the micro usb connector of your tablet with hdmi cable to HDMI output, calibrate the touch screen or smart tv or hdmi adapter cord (hdmi adapter), then calibrate the touch screen, open this app, you will see your phone's screen on tv 4k and you can connect the mobile screen, automatically download the USB plug-in device drivers, on a big screen and watch your favorite movies, games, or favorite sports games on your TV, consider the HDMI to TV Explorer Pro connector! , usb contact
Use your phone's infrared blaster to change the HDMI cable inputs of your Auvio HDMI switch.
HDMI for Android connects the phone to the TV screen using a USB HDMI cable, an HDMI cable, an HDMI splitter, an MHL adapter, a USB cable, a a VGA cable, an MHL adapter, an HDMI or USB switch, USB support.

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