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About Bumba LaLaLa:

With the Bumba LaLaLa App you can improve the musical ear of your kids while they’re having great fun. The cute clown Bumba lets your kids recognize different sounds, melodies and musical instruments while playing. The app has two game levels: the first aimed at toddlers, the second at preschoolers.

The toddler level introduces children to musical instruments and their sounds. The auditory processes of 2-3 year olds are stimulated by teaching them the difference in sound between these seven basic instruments.

The preschooler level for 4-5 year olds goes one step further: preschoolers can create their own melody or recreate melodies they like. For that they have ten instruments that they can combine endlessly. Furthermore, they can set the speed and volume themselves. They are supported by a metronome.

This interactive music game was developed in cooperation with child development specialist. Therefore your kids are ensured of a fun play experience suitable for their age. All features of the game are designed to meet the development needs of 2-3 year olds (toddler level) and 4-5 year olds (preschooler level).

From early on, children pay special attention to melodies. Toddlers and preschoolers just love music. They clap their hands or stamp their feet to the rhythm when they hear a familiar song. They can also listen to the same song for hours on end without it boring them. But: music is more than just entertainment for them. In children who have early experiences with music, the brain has shown to be better at handling change during the growth process. It adapts easier. Children who learn the difference between notes, rhythms and musical instruments will be able to handle auditory information better. And that’s beneficial for their speech development and for learning to read.

The Bumba LaLaLa App is therefore not simply a lot of fun to play, it also has a clear educational bonus. Recommended for all who wish to improve their children’s skills in a fun way.

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